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We no longer have puppies available. if you are interested in our spring litter please fill out a puppy application or contact us!

These are our golden mountain doodle puppies! They are a hybrid mix of the well known goldendoodle and the now popular bernedoodle breeds, you can say the golden mountain doodle is the best of both worlds. Goldendoodles and bernedoodles each have unique personalities that set them apart from one another. While the goldendoodle have an energetic, playful, and loving personality. The bernedoodle has a warm-affectionate and silly personality. This is why the golden mountain doodle makes a wonderful addition to anyone's family! They love other animals as well as kids and adjust to your lifestyle. They are very intelligent and are highly trainable, so they tend to train easily. Golden mountain doodles and also loving, affectionate, loyal, fun, and gentle dogs. 

Past golden mountain doodle puppies

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