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Our Story

Hello, we are Maritza and Mike. When my husband and I met I first fell in love with him, and then I fell in love with his goldenoodles. I have always loved dogs and grew up around them, and Mike did as well. He has worked for dog shelters and his mother has been raising goldendoodles longer than he has been alive, so you can say he has a lifetime of experience! We believe that the friendship between a person and a dog creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. Here at Star of the Sea Doodles our puppies are family-raised bernedoodles and golden mountain doodles, and our children play with our dogs and puppies which helps to ensure family-friendly, well-rounded dogs when they go to their new homes. None of our dogs or puppies are in guardian homes and they all live with us. Our goldendoodle and bernedoodles go on trips with us when we go out of town, they go on hikes as well as on other adventures, and they snuggle with us on the couch during movie night! All our dogs are raised in a loving environment that nurtures them when they are young and focus on their development as they grow to ultimately create wonderful, lifelong companions. After all, a dog is a man’s “Best Friend!”

Doodle Therapy Program

Here at Star of the Sea Doodles, we believe family is everything! We also believe that having a canine companion is therapeutic in many ways especially by reducing stress, providing support, and spreading joy. Once a year we select one individual to receive a bernedoodle or golden mountain doodle puppy of ours free of charge for our Doodle Therapy program. For example, if you are someone who suffers from Major Depression, PTSD, Disability, or daily anxiety this would be a great program for you. Our puppies have gone on to be service or therapy dogs due to their outstanding disposition and willingness to train. Please click on the puppy application button below and tell us your story. Thank you!



We raise and socialize our puppies using the rule of 7's to help positively expose them to new experiences and different environments!

• Been in 7 different, safe locations
• Eaten from 7 different containers
• Met at least 7 different people
• Ridden at least 7 miles in a car
• Been in a crate at least 7 times (more is better)
• Played with 7 different kinds of toys
• Been exposed to 7 different contexts
• Been played with or taken somewhere alone, without mom or litter mates, 7 different times


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